Monday, December 12, 2022

EP 80 Kim Varney Chandler - Covered Bridges of NH4


EP 80 Kim Varney Chandler - Covered Bridges of NH

Several years of research by author Kim Varney Chandler went into the process of developing this extraordinary compendium of the Covered Bridges of New Hampshire, on top of the thousands of hours devoted to these bridges by the many communities, builders and individuals.

It seems that this all began as a project that evolved from the nexus of Kim's love for covered bridges and the advent of the Covid Pandemic. It only made sense to Kim that photographing and then writing about covered bridges was a safe way to be productive during the pandemic.  That is all to our benefit because she has produced, with the help of the talented folks at Peter E. Randall publishing, a book for the ages. 50 or 100 years from now I can imagine a lover of covered bridges with Kim Varney Chandler's book in hand exploring the covered bridges of New Hampshire. 

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